What Should We Do During a Car Accident?

A vehicle accident can be single-sided or as collision with another vehicle. In case of single-sided damages; if we graze the car somewhere while parking, we can write a detailed declaration and apply for our insurance with the vehicle photos, driver’s license and license. Here, the important point is that if we give harm to something belonging to the public institution or organization, we should call the police and take a statement down.

In case of a collision with another vehicle; we have to fill in the traffic accident report completely. Then this report is examined by Tramer and the defect rates are determined. This report, particularly the opinion section, should be prepared with care as the premium amount of the MTPL policy may be higher. Another point to note in collision damage is that the police or gendarmes record should be kept when we are involved in accidents with public vehicles that cause injury or death if the other party does not have a driver’s license or MTPL policy or is drunk.