Corporate Property and Business Interruption Insurance

This policy provides coverage for the investment made in your workplace where you engage in commercial activities against ordinary material damage risks along with loss of earnings caused by business interruption due to such damage.

The insured interests can be summarized as movable and immovable assets (buildings, machinery and contents, stock, decoration, garden arrangement, outbuildings, scaffoldings, infrastructure, building foundation etc.), case contents (cash, check, promissory note, foreign currency), fire liability (tenancy and neighborhood liability).

In addition to the main coverage against fire, lightning and explosion under the General Conditions of Fire Insurance, additional coverage may be provided for theft, alluvion and flooding, terrorism, strike, lockout, malicious acts, internal water, storm, landslide, vehicle collision, snow weight, case fire and theft, fire explosion liability, breakage of glass, earthquake. Moreover, coverage can be expanded with additional special conditions to be added to the policy and prepared as customized policy special for customers and facilities.

Fire insurance policies produced for industrial and commercial activities can also cover Loss of Profits of the Insured. This policy provides coverage against the loss of financial earnings due to business disruption/interruption arising from one of the risks specified in the fire insurance policy.