Gender Base Cancer Insurance

Based o the statistics the most diagnosed cancer type in men is prostate cance by %19 and breast cancer for women by %30. In women it is the probability is followed by uterine, fallopian, and genital cancers.

Due to the increase in cancer rates in the world and in Turkey insurance related to cancer is becoming a more important issue. In particular insurance for cancer types occurring in a specific gender is currently offered in our country too.

The persons that purchase the gender specific cancer policy shall be entitled to the Indemnity Amount stated in the policy in the event of diagnosis of a gender specific cancer illness during the policy period.

The types of cancers that are covered in this type of policy for women are:

Breast Cancer
Cercival Cancer
Fallopian Tube Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Uterine Cancer
Genital Cancer

For men:

Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Genital Cancer

This insurance product that can be purchased by women and men between the ages of 18 and 55 shall pay you the indemnity amount in case of one of the specified illnesses.

As as example you would pay an approximate of 264 TL per year for an indemnity amount of 30.000 TL. In case you wish to include you spouse too the additional premium would be an approximate 204 TL