Dental Insurance

Once, dental phobia was the case. I don’t know if it still exists, but I know that there are people who are afraid of sitting in the dentist's chair because of the high amount of bills they may face. We all go to the doctor with a certain expectation as we know the doctor’s fee to be paid. The amounts to be requested afterwards are also more or less certain. If you have a private health insurance, it covers most of them.
However, when we go to a dentist, there are many factors that we cannot predict. Fortunately, there comes a special insurance product to our country to prevent these difficulties. This insurance, which is especially advantageous for groups, can deal with the risk and claims management of your 32 teeth.
This insurance product, which can be used by anyone from 18 to 60, also provides coverage for emergency situations all over the world. Let's suppose that you have to go to a dentist while on a trip. If you are included in this system, your orthodontic expenses are all covered.
Aside from emergencies, this insurance also covers routine, preventative dentistry. When choosing the Gold Plan, you can have once-a-year protective dental care, plus a fill-up coverage at contracted institutions. It offers coverage for permanent amalgam filler, glass ionic filler or permanent composite filler. In this context, it pays for your orthodontic treatment up to 3,000 TL per year.
When choosing the Platinum Plan, it pays for tooth extraction, radiology and channel treatment along with all other coverage of the other plan. It covers up to 5,000 TL per year.
If companies want to present this new insurance product to their employees, they can purchase the Gold Plan for 250 TL for a person per year for a group of 10 employees and the Plantinium Plan for 410 TL for a person per year for a group of at least 10 employees.