Beverage-Ice Cream Business Insurance

All over the world, the weather conditions directly affect two out of three businesses in the food sector.
Those who are the most affected by the weather conditions are manufacturers of Cold Beverage and Ice-Cream.
Only in Western Europe, ice cream sales decreased by 20% due to the wave of cold air.
One of the biggest beverage companies of the world suffered a loss of profits by 4% due to the cold weather conditions affecting the US and Europe.
All these experiences motivated the insurers to release a new product. Losses Due to Weather Conditions can now be insured in the food and beverage sector.
If you are an ice cream or beverage manufacturer, you determine the critical time period (day or month). Then you decide the areas you want to focus on. This ensures that you determine the amount of loss you may suffer in a particular region such as Marmara Region or in a few regions or cities if it rains for 5 days during the month/months you have indicated. Of course, all these values ​​and information are assessed together with your insurer in the light of statistical information.
And then you can focus on your business and production with the comfort of being insured instead of regretting that, ‘I would suffer loss if the air temperature is higher than XX degrees for 10 days in three months of summer.’

The adverse weather conditions all over the world directly affect two out of three businesses in the food sector. Are you ready for these risks?