Pet Insurance

Our dear friends, our cats and dogs are exposed to various risks in their daily life. These risks when occurred mostly require emergency treatment. Thankfully we now have an insurance product in order to cater for the treatment needs for all these cases.

Pet (Paw) Insurance can be purchased for all types of cats and dogs that have had all the required vaccinations and that are older than 6 months and younger than 10 years. Besides the cost is only 22TL per month (198 TL per year)

Main Coverages of Pet (Paw) Insurance

  • Emergency cases coverage:5.000 TL
  • Third Party Liability:3.000 TL
  • Missing search announcement and reward:250 TL

With this insurance, the treatment expenses as a result of all the below cases are covered up to 5.000 T

  • Health problems arising from traffic accidents.
  • Injury and bone fracture due to falling from a height.
  • Eye treatment as a result of any accident of infection.
  • Treatment as a result of burning.
  • Treatment as a result of electricity shock.
  • Treatment arising from swallowing external object or poisoning.
  • Treatment as a result of insect bite.
  • Heath exposure in high temperature and freezing in low teperatures
  • Treatment as a result of drowning.
  • Treatment as a result of fighting with other cats or dogs.

The persons who purchase the Pet (Paw) Insurance for their cats or dogs are sent a kit including a microchip in 15 days. In order for the policy to be validated the microchip should be installed to your pet in an agreed veterinary clinic.

In most of the agreed veterinary clinic the microchip installation is made without any fee.

In the animal protection act numbered 5199, the legal identification tool for pets is defined as microchip.