New insurance products

Globalization ensures constant growth and an increase in the number of employees traveling all over the world. As the number of traveling employees increases, the number of business travels increases as well. The Global Business Travel Association reports that the cost of business travel for companies is about $1,12 trillion a year.

However, the risks of the global world have diversified and safe travel has become an increasingly important issue. Natural catastrophes, terrorist acts, protests and interventions all over the world adversely affect travel safety. The most important problem for companies is that the health and safety standards of the country/city their employees travel are not known. Thanks to the insurers who see these risks, the insurance sector leads the way for a very critical product for the safety of employees who go on business trips and develops a very comprehensive Business Travel Insurance.

This insurance product offering pre-travel services, which is valid all over the world, includes 24/7 medical and travel support, multilingual call centers, security services, hospital and clinic arrangements all around the world, medical support for treatment by doctors of medicine; medical transport and return services, travel services such as lost tickets and baggage location; support for delayed or canceled flights, legal direction to the Embassy, ​​Consulate or other legal counselling offices along with translation services.

To give an example, it offers coverage against all physical damages due to accidents, poisoning, terrorism and assault that may occur during your travel and provides search and rescue services along with physician and ambulance services, or medicines that are not available at the place where you are. It ensures your return to home when you are injured in case of terrorism, sabotage, etc. If you need inpatient treatment, it provides coverage for flight fares of your family to accompany you at hospital. As your family accompanies you, the need for child care of your children under 16 years old is also met. If you are with your family during your business trip, when you need to be brought back to home due to any occurence for which you are insured, all the costs incurred for the return of your family are also covered. Let's say that during your business trip you become disabled, and then this coverage pays for all costs of architectural renovation of your home. 

What you are insured for: theft of your personal items or cash as a result of a physical assault; security assistance and crisis management services in cases of natural disaster or crisis; legal aid services for an unintentional violation of the laws of the country where you are; all the expenses incurred due to delay or cancellation of your flight or if you miss your transfer flight.

Any case that might happen to your family when you are on a business trip is also considered. It covers all costs for urgent return to your home if one of your family members or close relatives is hospitalized in an emergency, or if your home is damaged heavily.

Let's suppose that your child is prematurely born while you are on a business trip, then it covers your early return costs. Or if your child gets sick/injured, a doctor is sent to her/him and all these costs are covered.

One of the most important services offered is an application that you can upload to your mobile phone in order to get important information instantly about the place you are and have the opportunity to reach medical and security departments almost immediately. You are also notified immediately of any possible or potential accidents on your route, terrorist threats to your safety, natural disasters, etc. This application starts informing you before you travel to that country about all the vaccinations you need, precautions to be taken, illnesses of that area and their treatments as well as safe transportation information, climate conditions etc. Hence, you can be informed about all kinds of risks that you may face during your travel and return to home, and you can complete your journey safely.